There are hundreds of stain options. I primarily use two stains, Dark Walnut and Golden Oak. I found that these are the most popular. However, if you desire a different stain, that is no problem.

2017-03-03 15.13.36.jpg

Dark walnut stain

Dark Walnut will bring out a lot of browns. The wood will have contrast within the grain patterns. This is a very popular stain.

2017-05-19 15.03.57.jpg

golden oak stain

Golden Oak stain brings out the deeper tones from the wood. The tones can range from a deep burnt orange to a soft yellowish tone.

2016-10-27 12.25.53.jpg

Other options

There are countless options for a stain or finish. Check out some of our previous works. If it's not pictured, doesn't mean we can’t do it.